Beauty Portraiture - Amy

Prettiness alert! I'm pleased as punch to present images of this bombshell, otherwise known as Amy! We had a fantastic time creating images in the studio and learning about Amy's adventures to faraway lands and discussing our mutual love of Tatyana - a fun retro clothing shop! I love the way these portraits came out! Hair and makeup by Amy KlewitzPhotography by Julie Saad.

Tiger Bay - Burlesque and Pinup-Inspired Portraiture (NSFW)

Hold on to your hats, folks. These images of local burlesque performer Tiger Bay are hot, hot hot!

Hair and makeup by Amy Klewitz. Another of my favorite images from the session can be found in a previous blog post here

Presenting the Beautiful Tiger Bay | Creative Studio Portraiture

Tiger Bay ©2014 Julie Saad with hair and makeup by Amy Klewitz

Tiger Bay ©2014 Julie Saad with hair and makeup by Amy Klewitz

I'm beyond thrilled to show you this image from my fun portrait session with the stunning and talented Tiger Bay, a burlesque performer. I'll post more photographs soon, but just had to show off this one today! Tiger is performing at The Slipper Room at 10pm tonight, so if you know what's good for you, head on down!