Jelly Nails Are the New Trend Everyone’s Talking About

If you’ve been looking for a fun way to make your nails look fabulous, then you should try out the new trend in town—jelly nails! Jelly nails are eye-catching without being too outrageous and are surprisingly easier to do than you might think. From opaque shades on the tips of your fingers to rainbow designs that truly pop, jelly nail art offers endless possibilities for creating unique looks. Not only can these trendy jelly nails provide a burst of color and personality each time you glance down at them but they also allow manicurists and at-home DIYers alike the chance to give their manis some serious staying power. So if you want gorgeously glossy pixilated tips every single day (and who doesn’t?), keep reading as we explore all things related to this exciting new nail art style!

The hottest nail trend of the season: jelly nails

Jelly nails are a fun and creative way to express your style and make a fashion statement. They feature bright, bold colors, often with holographic or glittery effects, that shine iridescent when the light catches them just right. You can mix and match different shades of jelly nails to create unique designs or go for a more subtle look with a single color. Either way, jelly nails will get you noticed! Plus, they’re surprisingly easy to do at home using acrylic paints and top coats. So get ready to show off your flair for style and glamorize your fingertips with this amazing nail trend!

The perfect addition to any mani-pedi is adding some extra sparkle! Try adding some rhinestones, jewels, sequins or other decorative elements to your jelly nails to make you stand out. Whether you’re going for something elegant and subtle or full-on glam and bling, these decorations will take your manicure to the next level. Plus, they add extra texture and dimension to the design to stay visible in the crowd.

Try adding glow-in-the-dark accents to your jelly nails for an even bolder statement! This is especially great when you want your nails to shine bright at nighttime events. You can use special glow-in-the-dark polish or acrylic paints, but be sure to coat them with a clear top coat, so the glow lasts all night long.

No matter which way you rock your jelly nails, they’re sure to make a statement and turn heads. So grab some paints and start experimenting with creating your own unique designs. Get creative and have fun! With jelly nails, anything is possible!

How to get the perfect jelly nail design

  1. Begin by preparing your nails. File and shape them, push back the cuticles, and apply a base coat to protect the natural nail.
  2. gorgeous jelly nailsTake a sheer, light color of polish, such as pink or white, and use it as your base color for each nail. Allow this coat to dry completely before moving on to the next step.
  3. Apply a thin layer of clear topcoat over the entire nail. This will help keep the jelly design from smearing or fading away quickly as you work with it.
  4. Choose a bright shade of jelly polish that contrasts well with your base color, like red or blue, if you started with pink or white, respectively. Using an eyeshadow applicator or a thin brush, dab the jelly polish onto your nail in random strokes.
  5. Give the jelly several minutes to dry before going over it with a tiny dotting tool and adding extra little dots around the edges of your nail. Use small amounts of pigment to create interesting designs that are unique to you.
  6. Finish your design with a glossy topcoat and let your nails dry completely before showing them off! With this method, you’ll have gorgeous jelly nails that will last for days!

You can also create incredible marble effects with your jelly design by simply layering different colors of polish and swirling them together. You can even use two or three shades of the same color for a subtle but stunning effect! Just remember to go slow and be prepared to practice until you get it just right. With some patience, you’ll have gorgeous jelly nails that will turn heads wherever you go!